Volunteering at PNC Learning

About PNC Learning

In her role as director of global technology services, Sherry Manning has a wide range of responsibilities that include managing the information security team, developing learning programs and implementing change management. But her journey to this position took a different path. In addition to her corporate roles, she worked as a baker and pastry chef. Her unconventional career path has taught her how to adapt to changing environments and learn new skills.

It’s a PNC Learning that has served her well as she’s made the switch from tech to banking. And she’s leveraging her experience to drive innovation at PNC.

PNC Learning: Where Passion Meets Purpose in Education

At the heart of everything she does, however, is the community. As part of the company’s annual GREAT Month, she and other employees volunteer for various initiatives. “It’s a lot of fun and I really enjoy seeing the results of my work,” she says.

For Sherry, the highlight of her PNC volunteer experience was helping children at Hawthorne Community Center learn to read. The kids also learned about financial literacy, budgeting and saving. “It’s a really important lesson to teach young kids, and it’s going to impact them for a lifetime,” she says.

Bill Demchak, chairman and CEO of Pittsburgh-based PNC Financial Services Group, is also a student of the regional banking tumult that unfolded in March 2023. It convinced him that US regulators must do a better job of keeping banks healthy, be more flexible about bailing out failed ones and make it easier for mid-sized regional banks to grow without becoming giants.