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electric Fence

Electric Fence  a psychological and physical barrier to prevent unauthorized entry onto your land. It is also effective at deterring predators and keeping livestock contained. The system consists of an energizer that generates high-voltage electrical pulses, conductors that transport the charge along the fence and insulators to prevent the charged conductors from grounding prematurely. When an animal or person contacts the insulated wires of an electric fence they complete an electrical circuit and receive a brief, low-level shock that is not harmful or life-threatening.

Because they operate with pulsating current electric fences are much safer than continuous supply systems such as mains electricity which results in the grabbing effect that can be so dangerous, especially for children and elderly people. The pulsating current causes only transitory muscle cramping and allows the victim to retreat from the source of energy, thus avoiding injury.

“DIY Perimeter Protection: How to Select the Right Electric Fence Kit for Your Needs

There are many factors that must be considered when choosing the conductor material for an electric fence system including cost, conductivity and durability. It is important to choose an insulated cable with optimal conductivity for safe operation of the system. Gallagher has an extensive range of conductive cables that are available to suit many different applications and are tested to the highest safety standards.

It is generally advisable to install an earth leakage monitor on the energizer and all conductors. This helps to detect any potential shorts that could result in a shock to someone touching the fence system as well as indicating the condition of the energizer and conducting surface.