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game tester

Video game testing is a career Produkttester that requires you to work hard and have patience, but it also offers a great way to earn an income. As a game tester, you’ll be playing games and helping to improve them before they are released to the public.

How to Become a Game Tester

Before you can start applying for jobs as a game tester, you need to understand the industry. You can gain this knowledge by reading blogs, listening to podcasts, and watching YouTube videos about gaming news and trends.

You can also start by studying a variety of different games to learn the nuances and bugs that make each one unique. This will help you stand out from other potential applicants and give your resume a boost.

How to Get a Job as a Game Tester

The best place to look for video game tester jobs is on sites like Glassdoor, Indeed, Monster, and LinkedIn. These job boards often post open positions for full-time game testing, so it’s a good idea to check them frequently.

“The Ultimate Guide to Becoming a Game Tester: Skills, Requirements, and Opportunities

A college degree can help you land a game testing job. A degree in computer animation, interactive game design, or computer science will provide you with a better understanding of the technical aspects of the gaming industry.

Having Excellent Communication Skills

Strong communication skills are essential for video game QA testers. This includes being able to explain the causes and consequences of any bugs found during a test. It’s also important for QA testers to be able to work well under pressure.