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The Leo money horoscope for 2022 reveals a more stable financial situation. Although Leos can expect some financial trouble in January, the situation will improve gradually. This is the time for Leos to start saving and planning for their future. Jupiter’s transit will bring money through many channels, but will also increase their expenses.

Leos are generous and lavish, but their financial capabilities are also prone to overspending. They may borrow money from friends or family, or use it to purchase extravagant items. However, they should be careful about how they spend their money. A Leo that has been burned in the past may seek moderation.

In September, Venus will move into Leo’s second house, bringing material resources and abundance. However, a Leo should be especially careful about new agreements and financial transactions, as Mercury will be retrograde in the same month. This could lead to missed opportunities that will later prove to be lucrative.

Leo’s 2022 year is a good one for investing in real estate. In addition to buying property, Leos may start side projects like selling creative works. They may also get a high-paying job and get a big pay hike. In addition, they may be able to add a new family member. A home renovation project may also be a good idea to increase your home’s value.