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nursery thermoplastic marking

nursery thermoplastic marking is a type of playground marking used in schools, nurseries and community leisure areas. It is a hot applied graphics system that can be installed on a variety of tarmac surfaces and comes in a wide range of colours, bespoke designs and specifications. This type of school playground marking is designed with a high level of accuracy and results in clear, visible graphics.

It is also highly durable and weather-resistant, meaning that it can withstand the wear and tear of vehicles and heavy foot traffic. Thermoplastic markings are popular for road safety signs, schools, malls and line markings in pedestrian areas because they can be applied much faster than traditional traffic paint.

Nurturing Learning and Safety: The Role of Nursery Thermoplastic Marking

When it comes to installing these school playground markings, it is important that the process is carried out by qualified professionals as this can ensure that the correct surface temperatures and depth are achieved for maximum durability and longevity. It is also essential that the right application equipment is used to melt and apply the thermoplastic as this will allow for a uniform and even coverage across the entire area.

When choosing the bespoke school playground markings to install, it is also crucial to think about how the graphics will be used and their educational value. This will help to improve the outdoor environment of a primary school or nursery whilst encouraging active play and learning. The graphic designs could include roadways that will teach children about green crossings or map, compass and solar system symbols that can back up lessons in the classroom.