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Retaining wall builders on the Sunshine Coast offer a range of different retaining wall designs to suit any property. These structures help to retain soil, stabilise uneven ground or provide tiered levels within a garden.

Need A Retaining Wall Built On The Sunshine Coast?

Retainers come in a wide variety of materials, from timber sleeper retaining walls to concrete block walls, interlocking blocks or even hand-built stone walls. Whatever you decide, the retaining wall is an investment that will last a long time and enhance your property.

Choosing the best material for your retaining wall is important for many reasons including durability and longevity, avoiding expensive repairs in the future, as well as creating a strong foundation for your landscape features. Natural stone is an excellent option for a natural look and can be installed with a dry stack design or mortared for added stability.

Concrete sleeper retaining walls are another popular choice for a long lasting solution to your land redevelopment needs. These are a more cost effective alternative to timber and blend well with most designs. They will not rot, warp or shrink as timber is prone to, they are also termite resistant and not affected by rust.

These retaining walls require solid footing, good drainage and appropriate back fill to maximise their longevity and aesthetic appeal. They are a low maintenance option and offer a great value for money option when combined with a good quality block wall product such as Heron or Natural impression blocks.