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There are many different ways to attract and engage customers, but one of the most effective is using scent marketing. By strategically combining the power of scent with unique branding, businesses can create a memorable sensory experience for consumers and boost their bottom line.

The geurmarketing can connect to a smell faster than any other stimulus, making it an incredibly powerful way to influence consumer behavior. A pleasant scent can instantly turn a run-of-the-mill store into an exclusive boutique, or a box of cinnamon rolls into a bakery. This phenomenon is the reason why many brands are using fragrance to enhance their brand identity, increase customer loyalty, and drive sales.

Bringing Fragrance to Life: Understanding Scent Devices

For example, a retail store that used scent marketing saw people staying longer and purchasing more products than before. The signature scent of the store created an inviting atmosphere that encouraged shoppers to linger and browse, and it also helped customers identify products by their distinctive fragrances.

The defining characteristic of scent marketing is that the fragrances are not random; they are carefully selected to align with the brand and its targeted demographic. This is why the smell of eucalyptus is often used in hotels to help energize guests, and why a company that sells yoga clothing might choose the gentle, spring-like aroma of lavender. Some companies even hire “olfactory branding specialists” to curate these custom concoctions, and they take their work very seriously. These experts can even help a brand decide what type of scents are appropriate for a particular environment, and they may even advise them on how to use scent in a creative way.