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booty leggings

You know that booty leggings are a must-have in every woman’s closet, but you may not know how to choose the perfect pair to meet your specific needs. There are skinny leggings for your petite frame, leggings that sculpt and lift in all the right places, and leggings designed to flatten the abs, among other styles. For those seeking a little extra oomph, there are booty-lifting leggings, which boast special ruching and a butt-lfiting design to give you that “juicy peach” look you’re after.

One style in particular, the so-called scrunch butt leggings by Seasum, has gone viral on TikTok with over 630 million views, 60,000+ reviews, and even a collaboration with Lizzo. They’re touted to be the “perfect leggings for your booty” and are made with a textured fabric that supposedly helps separate and lift the butt. But despite the impressive number of glowing reviews, the hype around these leggings isn’t quite convincing for all. Some shoppers are claiming that the leggings rip easily, or stretch out to leave holes at the back waist.

Booty Leggings: The Ultimate Workout Wear for Shaping and Enhancing Your Curves

We consulted multiple experts (including clothing and textiles specialists) to get the lowdown on these leggings that are currently sold out on Seasum’s website. The consensus is that the leggings, which feature a honeycomb-textured fabric and heart-shaped butt design, may not be as effective as they’re marketed to be. According to the expert we spoke with, the textured pattern on the leggings is probably just a modification of regular west knitting, and won’t actually change your shape or provide more support in your butt area.